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What does it mean to be “all electronic” with payroll?

NorthStar Payroll believes in using technology in the areas where it makes life easier. It actually helps us deliver more personal...Read More

When do I receive my payroll reports?

NorthStar Payroll is “all electronic” so you have your payroll reports within minutes...Read More

Are there extra charges for filing payroll forms?

No – all the standard quarterly and year end payroll filings are...Read More

What does the payday process look like?

Every payday, just provide us with the employee hours and we take care...Read More

Does NorthStar Payroll handle my payroll taxes?

Yes! Part of the “Payroll Peace of Mind” is knowing that you never have to worry...Read More

What kinds of HR assistance can I get?

We have relationships with HR professionals who can help with a broad variety of issues...Read More

How does a drug free workplace program help?

Drug free workplace programs become both a part of establishing your workplace culture as well as a preventive...Read More

How do you provide flexibility?

We provide Flexibility throughout the payroll and employee management process. Whether it is...Read More

How can the “FEAST” formula help my business?

"FEAST" stands for Flexibility, Efficiency, Accessibility, Security, Teamwork. They all work...Read More

How do you help our advisor team function better?

We operate as a Team. With you. With your bookkeeper. With your tax advisor...Read More
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