Our goal is not to be your payroll processor.  Surprised?  Our goal is to be your business enabler, and let you focus on maximizing revenue and profits.  We just happen to do it by taking care of running payroll and managing payroll compliance activities.


NorthStar Payroll | Small Business Payroll "Peace-of-Mind"

How do you get that kind of business advantage?  We call it the FEAST formula – Flexibility, Efficiency, Accessibility, Security and Team.  Payroll is a necessary activity which from the owner’s perspective needs to ‘just happen”.  With NorthStar Payroll it does.


We provide Flexibility throughout the process.  Whether it is how you compute pay, or taking care of some independent contractors that need regular payments also, or tailoring a submission and approval method that works for you, we’re creative.


Efficiency starts with looking at how the business functions as a whole, and making the pieces fit.  Need your payroll activity to post to QuickBooks with one click?  Need help managing employee time records?  Need an HR expert?  We can help.


We want you – and your employees – to have information you need when you need it.  We deliver reports electronically the instant payroll has been processed.  We provide online access for you and employees so they know what’s coming in their pay before it even gets there.  We make it Accessible.


In today’s world, we all worry about Security.  We’ve added another dimension.  In addition to secure access and control of sensitive information, we also use our SecureFund tax payment system so you know exactly where your money is at all times.  We don’t hold it – when it leaves your account, it goes straight to the government.  No worries, always secure.


And we operate as a Team.  With you.  With your bookkeeper.  With your tax advisor and other professionals.  We aren’t satisfied until you have a coordinated process that propels your business to success.