With your growing team, you need specialists.

But how to cover a task that is specialized, yet not a full time position? BPO is a natural solution. NorthStar Payroll can be your payroll department, giving you the financial controls your CPA has been telling you are needed.


NorthStar Payroll offers you a service solution and professional relationship that covers the bases:

Reduce overhead costs by eliminating the need for a payroll specialist on your staff.

Save time and reduce chances for error by relying on specialists who maintain an expert system. Even if you have a person who you think knows something about payroll, is it really worth your time to maintain another software solution?

We keep you on top of tax rules. Not only is our system always up to date, we take a consultative approach to understanding what’s happening in your business and how law changes might impact you.


Businesses with limited admin staff often struggle with keeping pay information private when they handle it inhouse. Using NorthStar Payroll gives you a confidential team member outside the walls to talk to and take care of the details, direct from the business owner.

Have a continuity plan? Have you thought about how payroll will get done if the one person in your company who knows how it runs happens to end up in the hospital? Part of good business planning is covering the what ifs – NorthStar Payroll gives you payroll peace of mind