Not just another payroll processor, NorthStar Payroll is a trusted resource and advisor.

Any payroll software can handle your calculations. Our difference is understanding what makes you tick.  From minister tax rules, housing allowances, managing tax deposits and options – we have years of experience.

And we don’t just stop at payroll – if you have a challenge related to having employees, ask us – we are here to help.


Churches deal with many unique issues as an employer.

Managing minister pay and tax reporting is a major one.  Elections on Social Security?  Paying quarterly estimates or through withholding taxes?  Proper documentation of housing allowance vs salary?

Then what about employees?  Who is an employee?  What pay rules apply?

NorthStar Payroll | Church Payroll "Peace of Mind"

And what about the church books?  How can you streamline the integration of church payroll with church bookkeeping?

With these issues and many more, NorthStar Payroll will help you every step of the way.  The result?  You focus on what you are trained for and know that experts have your back.